Your dream is your key to freedom // Your action gets you through the door.

I believe technology has the ability to bring people to freedom.  In fact, I believe the spirit of the underground railroad is still alive and tech innovations will serve as the north star for people who know they want freedom, but don’t know how to get there.  With intention, insight, and solutions driven by the global south, we have the ability to create alternative pathways to social mobility, human flourishing, and, ultimately, liberation.

I know this because by the grace of God, the support of my family and ancestors, and sheer relentless determination, I was liberated. I had faith that God had something greater for my life and I was determined to figure it out what.

If you’re here on this site, something in you might believe as much, too; and maybe you’re here to help, or maybe you’re here simply to learn more. Regardless, I’m happy that you’re here and beginning your journey toward the highest and best expression of you and your positive impact while you’re here on Earth.

I come in peace, I live in freedom, and I leave in joy.

Love and Light your way,